Antasida Doen

  September 28, 2015     Generic Products

Antasida Doen

The combination of Alummunium Hydroxide and Magnesium hydroxide are antacids which can neutralize gastric acid and inactivation pepsin. As a result, the epigastric pain due to the attack of gastric acid and pepsin is relieved. Magnesium hydroxide has laxative effect can eliminate constipation effect from Alumunium hydroxide.

Each tablet contain : Dried Alumunium Hydroxide gel 261,45 mg Equivalent with Alumunium hydroxide 200.00 mg Magnesii Hidroksidum 200,00 mg

For the symptomatic relief of gastric hyperacidity, gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, with symptoms likes vomiting, gastric pain, abdominal distention due to excessive gas in the stomach.